Brandt Group Oy Ltd. is a family-owned company with an ambitious vision to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Brandt Group Oy Ltd. is the parent company of Kolmeks Group.


Successful operations since 1905

The foundation of Brandt Group was created by Otto Brandt when he founded a sports goods shop, Oy Otto Brandt Ab, in Helsinki in 1905. Otto Brandt was a sports influencer of his era and was well-known as a promoter and advocate of youth sports and motorsports. From around the time of the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, Oy Otto Brandt Ab became well-known as an agent for motorcycles and other leisure products.

In 1982, Brandt Group acquired Kolmeks Oy, a manufacturer of motors and pumps. Since the 1990s, Brandt Group has focused on industrial businesses. Brandt Group’s history includes numerous acquisitions and divestments that have shaped the industrial group. Today, all of Brandt Group’s operations take place through Kolmeks Group.

Brandt Group is led by the 5th generation of the Brandt family entrepreneurs.


Kolmeks – Industrial group with global operations

Kolmeks Group is a globally operating industrial company providing customers with expertise in two business areas: pumps and components (production solutions). The group has operations and manufacturing in Finland, Estonia, China and India.

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Our core values, Dedicated, Innovative, Collaborative and Reliable, are the foundation of all our businesses.


“Brandt Group is a family-owned company. We are an industrial company who puts people in focus creating prosperity and security. We are the preferred choice as supplier among customers and as employer among our employees. We focus on high quality and sustainability, and our products and services contribute to making people’s lives better.”

Charlotta Furuhjelm, COB, 5th generation of the Brandt family entrepreneurs

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